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Why we are the best in Pittsburgh
1. Hardwood flooring is all we Do.

There are plenty of floor companies located in the Pittsburgh PA and surrounding areas that include hardwood floor refinishing and installations as "another services" they offer.  A1 Pro llc does just one service, hardwood floors.  We have been in business for 15 years and have done quite well making Pittsburgh area residents and businesses very happy.

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4. We are seasoned experts.

When it comes to having your wood floors refinished or installed you need a fast, quality company.  Look, we know that long stays in a hotel can be costly to you, not to mention the impact it has on all areas of your life including work.  When A1 Pro llc starts a job our workers come prepared and are all professional with many years experience, having a well oiled team  gets the job done fast and right!

5. The person that sold you our service will see it through.

Unlike other companies you hire fast speaking salesmen who you will never see again, our sales personal is the actual floor refinishing supervisor and owner.  By having the salesman as the supervisor there is never any miscommunications with exactly what our customers were told to expect.  Seeing our floor projects threw equals quality and that is what has kept A1 Pro llc in business for so many years.

2. We stand by our work!

  When it comes to picking a wood floor refinishing company to refinish or install your floors, it’s best to know you have a company that stands by it’s services and has an IRON CLAD 100% guarantee on the final product even after they’re done.  A1 Pro llc offers a standard 1 year guarantee on flaking, chipping or peeling. On all of our traditonal completly sanded and refinished floors. No guarantee on screen and recoats, finish applications over stains, or color changes.

3. Like dust?  We don’t!

Have you ever toured a lumber mill?  Well just imagine the inside of your home looking like the saw dust covered lumber mill.  When using a dustless wood floor sander you don’t have to worry about all the time you might have to spend wiping dust off all your valuables let alone the dust that will and can travel into your bedroom.   Have kids?  The chemicals that were used in the original stain have been linked to serious health issues found in small children, something ever parent should be concerned with.
Cli.6. No hidden fee’s, costs or scams, ever!

Unfortunitly a lot of our competitors win jobs by "low balling" the proposal and make their profit in "unforeseen costs" which they knew where there the whole time.  When our sales representatives quote you are price that is the exact price you will pay, always! 

7. On Time

Many companies claim to have great attendance records but unfortunatly it’s very typical to have tradesmen arrive late or not show.  Our company has a solid record. Accountablity is key to success and our supervisors know this and are rewarded for their diligence.

8. We are professional and insured.

We are completely insured.  Please ask us to see our general liability certificate before starting any work, therefore you can rest assured you and your home or business are in the care of a real professional company and not a fly-by-night outfit.